Our Rhinos

What makes a rhinoceros so special anyway?

About Us

Rhinos are some of the largest animals in the world. They’re not afraid to get dirty – in fact, they even like getting a little mucky! They have thick skin, making them tough. And believe it or not, they have no natural predators.

At Right Hand Rhino, we hire rhinos. Our technicians are tough, hard-working individuals who aren’t afraid to really work and get a little dirty (or sweaty) doing it!

Quality Training

Our rhinos aren’t released in the wilderness until they’ve been properly trained. You can expect all our technicians to have completed high-quality training in safety, customer service and industry best practices.

Fully Insured

All our rhinos have insurance. Our technicians are fully insured in both liability and workers comp, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of any issue that arises.

Customer Satisfaction

Our rhinos are dependable, friendly, and of course their signature trait: hard working. Right Hand Rhino’s primary goal is satisfied customers. We work hard to make your life easier, and a whole lot cleaner.

Lets Clean Your Business!

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