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What we Do

We are a commercial window cleaning company that is providing opportunities for students to learn how to build a business, earn good money (while still in college!) and potentially secure a career position upon graduation. Our mission is to produce business “ninjas” that have a thorough understanding and hands on experience of what it takes to build and grow a business from the ground up.

What makes us different

We are driven. We are constantly learning. And we are growing. Right Hand Rhino was started by Michael Dahlke and Michael Kaplan who have collectively built $25 million in annual revenue in the service sector in the past 10 years. Together they have started a commercial window cleaning company that is growing faster than any other in history. It’s goal is not just to become the biggest company in its industry, but to provide a unique opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about business.

Our Lead Rhinos are people who are highly skilled in making methodical, but agile business decision on complex problems. Right Hand Rhino will provide entrepenerus with a boot camp-like experience where they will get hands on experience as well as educational support to get a deep understanding of the skills required for that business success.

what skills will you learn

  • Business Management – Learn how to establish A/R processes, how to legally establish a business, when and how to hire employees, set up payroll, etc.
  • Sales – Acquire soft skills required to speak to people you’ve never met and identify needs. Gain an in-depth understanding of the sales process, how to build and implement a sales system, including follow-up processes.
  • Customer Service – What happens when a customer doesn’t pay? Or a customer conflict that’s not easily resolved? Learn the skills and strategies necessary for handling real-world situations.
  • Business to Business Experience – Get comfortable speaking with and learning from other business owners.

And so much more!

  • Business Management – 30%
  • Sales – 30%
  • B2B Experience – 20%
  • Customer Service – 20%

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