Right Hand Rhino

commercial window cleaning


Window Cleaning

Need your windows cleaned weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Need them cleaned early morning or late afternoon? We can work with that. We’ll create a schedule that works best for your business. Our commercial window cleaning team is flexible to work with your business’ ever changing needs.

Pressure Washing

RHR offer’s pressure washing for your store front, office building, walkway or parking lot. We use safe practices for any type of structure: concrete, wood or metal. Pressure washing renews the look of your building, and at an affordable price! Contact us today to get scheduled!

High Dusting

Let’s face it, nobody really likes dusting. You know what’s worse though – pulling out that ladder to dust the high items! Let us help clean your lighting fixtures, your fans, or really any items on those top shelves. Right Hand Rhino’s team is trained in ladder safety and happy to help.


Why work with us

There are many service companies out there competing for your business. Why should you work with us? What makes our rhino’s stand out?

At Right Hand Rhino, we do what we do….well, so that you can do what you do.

You have enough to worry about. You’re a business owner, or a facility manager, or frankly, somebody who has a whole lot of other pressing things to take care of. That’s why we’re here – to make your life easier.

Consistent Quality

We ensure consistent, quality service and offer a payment solution that doesn’t take much of your time. Your windows will always look great.

Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple locations? No problem. Are there different requirements per location? We can work with that. You’re our priority. Period. We will work with you to get the job done.

Account Management

We have one point of contact acting as your account manager so your voice will always be heard and your needs will always be met.

Flexible Schedule Options

Do you need cleaning weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? We work with you to create a schedule that meets the need of your business and your customers.

Lets Clean Your Business!

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact us today.